Lloyd, You’re nothing. Thank You!

Posted on Mar 31, 2014

Photo by Sergei Golyshev http://www.flickr.com/photos/29225114@N08

Photo by Sergei Golyshev http://www.flickr.com/photos/29225114@N08

Some people have said that I was great and others have said that I am nothing. Throughout my life, I went back and forth believing one or the other.  That caused a lot of pain because when I believed that I was great, something would always happen that made me abruptly believe that I wasn’t great.  The fall from greatness was steep and my landing into nothing was less than graceful.

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Letting Go Of Anger

Posted on Mar 28, 2014

anger alarm clock

Photo Credit alexkerhead http://www.flickr.com/photos/26354629@N02

Anger is a healthy emotion.

Think of it like an alarm clock.  It rings in the morning to wake you up.  When you get up, you turn off the alarm and go about your day.

Your anger is an alarm clock that wakes you up to something that is going against your truth.  It alerts you of something that doesn’t feel good and that calls for some sort of action.

Why not treat it just like you do your alarm clock?  Wake up, hear it, turn it off, get out of bed, and go about your day.

Instead what you probably do when inspires anger is wake up, complain that someone stirred up some anger in you, distract yourself with food, sex, TV…etc., and leave the anger festering in the background.

Just like choosing to leave your alarm clock on all day, choosing to leave your anger on will drive you mad.

Here’s how to do that seeming impossible step of Turning Off Your Anger.

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Who’s Right?

Posted on Mar 27, 2014

Screenshot 2014-03-27 13.45.08

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Use Food for Love

Posted on Mar 26, 2014

If you use food to relieve

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9 Real Reasons You’re Scared to Lose Weight

Posted on Mar 23, 2014

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You may think it crazy when I say that you’re scared to lose weight.  However, here’s the truth.  If you want to lose weight, but you haven’t yet or you gained it back, it’s because a part of you still wants to be overweight.  Unless you discover why that part of you wants to be overweight, you will continue to self-sabotage all of your progress.

Here are 9 Real Reason You’re Scared to Lose Weight and end up sabotaging your results.

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