3 Must Do Steps after a Sugar Binge to Minimize the Effects of Sugar

Posted on May 2, 2013

Entire Cake

Did I just eat that entire CAKE. What are the effects of sugar

So you’ve eaten an entire box of chocolate chip cookies.  Are you starting to feel the effects of sugar?  If so first of all, don’t panic, it’s OK!  It happens to the best of us! However, it’s really important to take some measures to damage control a bit.  The effects of sugar on the body can be intense.  Many of us often experience headaches, stomachaches, tiredness, pimples, weight gain and crazy mental judgment from binging on sugar.

Thank goodness, there is a way to do some damage control to minimize these inevitable effects of a sugar binge.


Here are 3 powerful steps to pick yourself up, dust off, and make sure that the binge doesn’t repeat itself any time soon and to minimize the effects of sugar on the body!


1.  Don’t let the mind trick you or beat you up!  Say it out loud!

It’s very common after a sugar binge that many people get so embarrassed or angry that they try to convince themselves that the binge didn’t happen, that it wasn’t nearly as bad as another time, or that it wasn’t the same as their overweight friend always does.  Don’t deny, ignore, or let your binge launch you into a downward spiral of judgment.  Admit to it out loud.  Nobody is going to judge you…well maybe you’ll judge yourself.  When you say things out loud, you own them and they begin to lose their power over you.

Take the following steps:

  • Take 3 deeps breaths in and out through your nose.
  • Say out loud: “I just ate [Fill in the blank] and it’s ok.”
  • Notice if you have any negative or judgmental thoughts towards yourself. If you do.  Repeat to yourself: “I see you self judgment.  Thank you. I choose to love myself no matter what I eat.”
  • If you want to take it a step further, think of a friend, partner, family member, or colleague that you are very close to and that treats you with the ultimate respect, love and care.  Give them a call and tell them what happened.


2. Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yoghurt, kimchi, pickles, kombucha, etc all contain beneficial bacteria.  These bacteria are great to strengthen the gut and to help regulate your immune system.  Another added perk is that they are huge damage control for sugar binges.

The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods feast on sugar and will lessen the side effects of a sugar binge on your body-@trainandsustain


And finally, the MOST IMPORTANT step to minimize the effects of sugar:

3. Learn and Prepare

Sugar is a highly addictive substance.  Scientists have done studies that revealed that sugar could be more addictive than cocaine (www.mercola.com).  Since it’s so addictive, get ready to experience some intense cravings very soon.  To prepare for the future cravings that will ultimately lessen in intensity the longer you stay away from sugar, take the following steps:

  • Get some coconut oil. Coconut oil helps dissolve sugar cravings.  When you feel a sugar-craving coming on, eat a teaspoon of coconut oil.  It will help reduce the intensity of the craving.
  • Clean out your house.  If you have any products with added sugar in your house, it’s time to get rid of them.  If there is nothing in the house, chances that you’ll succumb to a sugar craving are much smaller.
  • Eat berries or root vegetables.  The sugar in berries will help satiate intense sugar cravings and root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and turnips will help ground you.  Also, the sugar from berries and root vegetables won’t have the same effect on your body as the sugar from an entire box of Chips Ahoy!
  • Add some sweetness to your life.  Whatever you define sweetness as: a hug, human contact, a love story, a glance, flirting, dancing, etc. go out and get some.  Many times our sugar cravings are just our bodies letting us know that it’s time to add some sweetness to our lives and it doesn’t have to be in the form of cookies, cakes, and pies.


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